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Where natural beauty begins again.

KATHY Florida

Kathy's lower face was suffering from lax muscles and a downward turned mouth. In less than a week, the results were evident.

"I am amazed at the difference I see in my photos and in the mirror! When you look at your face everyday, you may not see the changes but when I laid the photos side by side, they showed how my neck tightened, my lower mouth area looked younger and my skin became thicker and more youthful looking."

LILLIAN Colorado

Lillian looks refreshed and youthful after only 12 weeks. Her head is better supported and her neck tighter. Her jawline is now defined and her eyes no longer have that hooded look.

VICTORIA California

Victoria's profile demonstrates how quickly a face can respond to Facial Magic. Every part of her face has lifted and firmed. "Facial Magic does what it says it will do."

BEA New Mexico

Bea's face lifted and tightened in all the right places - these are her results at ten weeks.


"My Best Mirror, my wife, tells me that Cynthia has performed the REAL MAGIC on my face. How satisfying!"

DARLENE Colorado

Heavy jowls and sagging cheeks made Darlene look much older. In only eight weeks, her face is tightened, refined and more youthful.

DIANN Colorado

"I was beginning to look like my mother and felt invisible! Facial Magic gave me a much younger appearance and I will use it for the rest of my life!" (Week 12)


"My hanging chin is gone! My friends say I look like I've had a facelift! I have! A Facial Magic facelift."

MARIE San Diego

Marie's face was droopy and it made her look old. In just weeks, her face became vibrant, radiant and lifted.

BEV Florida

Lifting and toning helped Bev to look years younger. Her cheeks are beautifully sculpted and the lower mouth no longer shows marionette lines.


"I'm absolutely delighted with my new face!"


Lilian has restored the symmetry and contour to her face; notice the posture improvement and radiance she portrays. She loves her new face!


"The results I see in my face of firmness and texture truly gives me a youthful appearance." Mickie saw dramatic results after only 9 weeks.

INGE California

Inge's challenge was pouches and sagging around her mouth. After using Facial Magic, her cheeks, mouth, forehead and neck are all improved!

NANCY California

"The results I see in my face of firmness and texture truly gives me a youthful appearance." (9th week)