3 Beauty Mistakes That Age Us

Allowing your face to be over-inflated with injections.

Choosing plumping and paralyzing injections might be a beauty enhancement that could work brilliantly but after watching countless faces with injections parade on television, magazines and online, and seeing many gals in person wearing bunny lines, shiny foreheads, and pin pricked skin, I’m convinced that injecting a face with troubling substances might not be a cake walk after all.

You see, no one seems to know when enough is enough. How many years will you subject your body to foreign substances that after time begins to alter your true beauty into an almost unrecognizable face?

Over time, the over-inflated face will require surgical interventions that will try to restore your face.

This type of “beauty in a syringe” does not age well.

Forgetting sun protection for your chest.

Wearing big hats, large over-sized sunglasses and slathered sunscreen all over your face and neck – all good – but there is a glaring misstep in how your chest, your precious decolletage, can withstand piercing, harmful sun rays that over time will leave your very delicate skin mottled with brown spots.

Wearing sun-kissed skin makes us feel good, especially when we wear shoulder baring thin-strapped dresses that show off our best assets but what if your neckline is less than perfect? Do you give up wearing summer apparel or do you begin the rehabilitation process of glycolic and retinol? 

Sun damage shows up twenty years or more after extreme, extended exposure (our teen years) so if you rely on sunscreen to protect you, don’t forget to reapply every two hours. Keep your skin under wraps with a lightweight shirt for even more protection.

Wearing an unflattering hairstyle

Nothing screams old like a tired, same old hairstyle that never changes. Oh sure, there will be the very subtle variations here and there but if you want to throw off the look of old, find a new stylist because as long as you sit in the same chair year after year, your hair style likely will not deviate from the norm. Think new color, new length, bangs…

Perhaps you see a style that attracts your attention. You can certainly compliment the wearer and ask who created this hairdo. Yes, visiting a new stylist/artist might feel intimidating but if you “allow” the change without micro-managing the wielder of the scissors, chances are you’ll enjoy the magical feeling of new.

Side part, middle part, no part, long lengths, short, chopped, bangs, no bangs, layered…there are so many hairstyles and color choices.