5 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look/Seem Older


  1. Shoulder hunching bad posture
  2. Hair on your face
  3. Alligator legs
  4. Clown makeup
  5. Softening facial features

Observing faces on television and in person reveals certain poignant faults that are glaring in some respect, yet so easily corrected without any real outlay of cash.

  1. Shoulders erect, yet relaxed, with your chin level are the instructions to ensure that you present your best self. Supporting your head, it weighs 15 pounds or so, is the key to better posture and better posture is a result of the position of your spine. Better posture is a result of better health…when every inner organ is ideally aligned, those internal organs work better. 

Exercise can be a wonderful posture corrector. Upper shoulders and neck rolls, lightweight bar bell workouts, participating in yoga, walking and bicycling, are just a few of the physical activities that will promote better posture.

Better posture makes us feel more attractive. When we feel prettier, we think and act youthfully!

  1. Exfoliating our faces not only means we remove dead, gray skin cells, exfoliation to an aesthetician means she is going to wield her specially designed scalpel to artfully remove facial hair – yes, usually, it’s light and even sparse but some gals have extra dense hair that detracts from your beautiful face.

You can remove unwanted facial hair at home using a razor but instead of using a cleanser on your face, try a few drops of organic castor oil to absolutely lube your clean face before taking the razor to it. Use downward strokes and gentle pressure. When the hair is removed, wash your face, follow with your favorite treatments and moisturizers.

  1. Alligator legs in the summer are a complete turnoff as well as a flashing red light that you could be taking better care of yourself. Let’s start with something hugely simple:  body brushing. Body brushing is only performed on dry skin, not after a shower or after you have applied body lotion but on totally dry skin. 

Start at your feet using a natural bristle specially designed body brush and begin sweeping upward strokes on your legs. Keep brushing upward. Brush each area with several strokes. Brush your abdomen and breasts (use a light touch in the sensitive areas). Brush your arms, hips and lower back. 

This type of body exfoliation will produce tingling, glowy skin. Brushing your neck and face is optional. Now shave your legs and moisturizer them. Paint your toenails an outrageous shade of hot pink and get ready for summer.

  1. Clown makeup is defined as makeup techniques that are outdated and overdone. Do you use various lip colors or use the same lipstick color day after day? Have you tried soft brown or plum eyeliner or are you still lining your eyes with black? And, what about your foundation? Are you still using the same foundation you used as a teenager? Have you discovered skin brightening face toners that are applied under your foundation?

Perusing the cosmetic counters and drug store offerings, the foundation choices are endless, almost confusing, same with eyeliners and eye shadows. Nail polish has brought us many options, some better than others, but here’s what is trending – natural, not over the top anything except for those under the age of 25. Eyes, lips and attitude – the backbone of beauty.

  1. Softening facial features begin to develop earlier than you would like to believe. As collagen production begins to wane about age 25, very subtle changes begin to develop in your cheeks, forehead and lower face. Month after month, year after year, quiet changes continue to etch away at your beauty and confidence.

Stop the cause of an aging face using a proven, natural method. Whether you are 30 or 70, you can strengthen the underlying muscles with the type of exercise that makes your skin thicken so it looks and acts younger. Facial Magic® is the smart choice to look better and better. Just like exercise works to shape and tone your body, Facial Magic sculpts and revitalizes your face. It’s so easy!