6 Ways You Can Stay Positive In Tough Times

This is from our good friend Kirk Wilkinson. I will be using his information often. He has written a wonderful book called

The Happiness Factor. I suggest reading it, you will learn happiness skills.



Don’t Underestimate Your ability to cope!

When faced with a crisis it is easy to feel overwhelmed and feel as if you can’t handle it. But you can! As humans we can do amazing things. You can survive

much more than you think. Don’t be afraid, don’t feel overwhelmed. Take it one day, one step at a time.

Limit your daily dosage of news!

In tough times it is hard not to stay glued to CNN to keep up to the minute on every crisis. Turn off the TV, browse to another site and limit the amount of

bad news you let into your life. You will be surprised and how much better you feel by letting the news happen without you. Be a headliner three days a

week—read or watch the headlines every other day. This will allow you to stay connected while reducing your stress by reducing your exposure to bad news.

Be grateful to those around you.

As we face tough times don’t forget about all the people that are there to support you. Being kind and appreciative to everyone you encounter

will generate positive emotions and help you see your own issues in a new light. Saying thank you or expressing appreciation will not only make someone else’s day, it will make your day too!

Be a mentor or serve someone in need.

Being a mentor and offering positive advice to another person will empower you to see your own problems differently. You will be more objective and stronger. Solutions will come to you as you help others. Volunteering is another way to lift a burden off your own shoulders. As you serve others your own burdens seem so much smaller.

Surround yourself with Positive thinkers.

This may require you to step away from negative conversations and situations. Surrounding yourself with positive thinkers will keep your optimism high

and allow you to think more positively.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Find something every day that you can laugh at. Sometimes it is great therapy to spend some time laughing at yourself. We all do goofy things every day and

learning to laugh at them and dismiss them as unimportant will relieve stress and worry and help you avoid self-criticism.