Are Bangs the New Botox?

Isometric exercise makes elective aesthetic surgery for face lifts unnecessary.

The best kept anti-aging secret revealed - How Facial Exercise Works.

Yes, it's true.  You can look instantly younger with bangs and not get poked with a needle that has poison in it.  But really people, why not exercise the muscles in your face to prevent an "aged forehead"?

The 21st Century dawned with staggering statistics of desperate people using surgery and injections to enhance their appearance.  The media has accommodated the drug companies and doctors by providing magazines, television shows and other outlets with an ongoing smorgasbord of invasive and not-so-invasive procedures and prescriptions paraded almost daily in sensationalized headlines and advertising.  This deliberate brainwashing has lulled the masses into believing that invasive, risky procedures are the only way to reverse the signs of aging in the face.

Cutting Healthy Tissue

The business of "cosmetic procedures" has skyrocketed.  Since 2000, there has been a substantial surge in elective aesthetic cosmetic) surgery.  In 2015, there were over 15 million total cosmetic procedures performed in the United States, according to The upsurge in cosmetic overhaul demands has left no one out.  More minorities are undergoing cosmetic procedures than ever.  

Even with the new state-of-the-art minimal-incision face lifting techniques, thee are still major drawbacks and serious consequences with every surgical procedure.  "Even when successful, these procedures are by no means a 'permanent fix' as subsequent face lifts or other interventions usually are required," states mark Berman, MD, Santa Monica, CA, past President of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons.  These subsequent visits for additional surgery, injections, liposuctions, peels and more eventually take a toll on the user's available income and long-term health issues can arise.



Is There a Viable Solution That Has Zero Risks and No Side Effects?

Facial muscles that are sagging can be retrained and lifted with resistance movements and the general public deserves to know that there is a proven, safe alternative to plastic surgery that will indeed lift, tone and tighten facial features.

Not Contortions!

These carefully orchestrated facial exercises are not contortions.  Rather, they are isometric and resistance exercises that address the cause of aging in faces.  These specialized exercises shape and contour the face and neck muscles easily and simply without the high costs or risks typically associated with cosmetic or plastic surgery.

According to Berman there are two reconstructive interventions (for facial aging): Surgical and non-surgical.  "The non-surgical method is through regular exercise of facial muscles and this can be accomplished effectively without any of the health risks, expense, and pain or scarring of surgery or injections.  I've seen the results and it works!"

Resistance exercise for the face works just like exercise using weights, body weight and strength training for the torso, legs, hips and arms.  For your face, you use your thumbs and fingers in strategic positions so that a contraction is caused in the muscles.

Facial Exercise Makes Sense Medically.

Most doctors agree that if you are out of shape you need exercise to strengthen the core muscles; it is absurd to think that acial muscles wouldn't benefit from highly specialized isometric exercise techniques.

Regarding facial exercise Dr. Berman states, "...this is a medically sound method of achieving and maintaining a more youthful facial appearance with the capacity of obtaining results that are comparable to those that can be achieved by surgical means.  Whether you are 30 or 70, you'll see a definite change".

Untrained Practioners

Medispas, situated in malls and other high traffic areas, offer an array of medical grade cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels, injections of Botox, electrostimulation and laser procedures. Most of the time these procedures are performed under the direction of a doctor, not necessarily a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, either by an aesthetician or registered nurse. 

Be aware that any MD, gynecologist or even a dentist, can perform plastic surgery without extensive training or certification.  It is a little known fact that hundreds of plastic surgery procedures are conducted each day in the U.S. by doctors whose medical background, experience or training is not board certified plastic surgery.  Even more amazing is that this practice is not illegal in most states.

The Best Kept Anti-Aging Secret Revealed - How Facial Exercise Works

Specialized facial exercise techniques using only the thumbs and fingers can reshape and contour sagging, out of shape faces, transforming the features into a dramatically younger looking face.  Without surgery, without drugs, without risk, without high costs, without scarring, without recovery time, without pain, without mutilation and repeat procedures, resistance training will provide a substantial benefit to sagging facial muscles.

Did you know that studies show that facial muscles can elongate up to 1/2 inch by age 55?

Learn  how to retrain facial muscles by isolating, anchoring, then actively contracting the muscles or muscle groups.

So Are Bangs the New Botox?


Only wear bangs if you want to but if you are wearing them to cover a pre-mature aging forehead or frown lines ... I can help.  Just exercise your face.  35 seconds each exercise and there are 18 of them. 10.5 minutes a day to look younger and NOT get poked in the face or cut.

Just for fun, here is a gallery of great hairstyles with bangs!

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