Why I Love Our SkinRehab DermaRoller!

The SkinRehab dermaroller truly has helped transform my facial skin. My skin looks and feels smoother. Fine lines have literally been “rolled away” over the past few months. Here’s the deal:  you only have to use this product every six weeks. When I tell you more is not better, that is truth. The 1.5 is the…

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Do You Wash Your Face Before Bed?

My friend, Sharon, a seasoned aestheticin, claims that if you fail to wash your face before bed, your face will look 12 days older when you get up the next morning. True?  I’m not sure. What I know for certain is this:  I do not want to cause further aging in my face. Even skipping a…

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You Can Hide Your Body, But What About Your Face?

You Can Hide Your Body, But What About Your Face? Little rolls of body fat around your middle, even heavy thighs and more can be disguised with clothing. When I was with a group of women recently, the slimmest looking ones were wearing black, including me. Ok fine…but how do you disguise cheeks, jawlines and…

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Do You Like the Shape Your Face Is In?

facial exercise

Many, many women delay taking care of themselves. We can find many reasons to postpone our happiness, our needs and rather than put ourselves first, we tend to fall in at the back of the line delaying our gratification. How were we trained to put so many others and their needs in front of our…

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What’s best for sunburn?

Celebrating Independence Day, July 4th, can be so much fun but remember, if you get a sunburn, you’ll want to reach for the Cell Renewal Hydra Aloe Gel to soothe away the pain and discomfort. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, aloe vera can help sunburned skin. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties are perfect…

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Why skincare is not enough

Wearing fresh looking facial skin after the age of 50 can be challenging. Dullness, dryness and wrinkles can make every face look older so what do you do to look better and better? Why Facial Magic of course. From the inside out, your face can look better and better from our life enhancing exercises. Nutrients…

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Meatless Burgers

Oh dear, the more I read about meatless burgers, I think I’ll stick with peanut butter – organic, of course!  For quite some time, we purchased Morningstar “burgers.” They were delicious and oh so easy to prepare. I don’t remember why I stopped eating them. The ingredients never concerned me and I never considered the…

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What Would I Look Like Without Facial Magic?

face looking tired

What would I look like if I didn’t perform the Facial Magic routine? When I first discovered this face saving exercise program my left eyelid was sitting on my eyelash and there was loosening skin under my chin, a wattle was developing and I had no control over either of those features. My confidence was…

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Will Retinol Lighten the Brown Spots on My Face?

Retinol acts like an Avenger for your complexion. When you use Cell Renewal Retinol every other night for six to eight weeks, you will be delighted to see that fine lines and wrinkles are lessened and those pesky dark spots – hyperpigmentation – are practically gone! The six to eight weeks of three times a…

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Clove Essential Oil – Powerful Properties for Anti-Aging

As I was looking at the array of Young Living essential oils at my desk, I saw a bottle of clove.  I instantly remembered that it acts as a mental stimulant. This fragrance encourages deep sleep and stimulating dreams. A drop rubbed gently between the palms, then inhaled, is all I recommend. This magical Madagascar…

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When you look good, you feel good!

Looking good. What does that mean to you? It is your hair that defines you? Your eyes? Your long, swan-like neck? Perfect, flawless skin? Turns out, looking good is actually an inside job that determines your health and well-being. What you eat, what you drink, the thoughts you think, the internal dialogue that runs through…

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Did You Know That Olive Oil May Prevent Blood Clots?

How I wish that all of you could enjoy Trader Joe’s California Estate Extra Virgin Olive oil that boasts a lively olive, almost lemony flavor with a mild pepper finish. It is most delicious and it has a wide variety of uses from all types of salad dressings to pasta offerings. Recent studies show that…

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Can a 1,000 mg tablet of Vitamin C Extend Your Life?

Vitamin C – our bodies do not manufacture/produce Vitamin C and that means we need to supplement it daily because it doesn’t store itself in the body. This “super vitamin” has been long studied and the research shows that Vitamin C promotes a longer lifespan. This means that aging and related diseases, including cancer, may…

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Facial Magic Testimonial

facial magic user

Cynthia, I just had to share this with you.  I went to a dermatologist to see about getting some spots removed from sun damage.  They really aren’t bad but they bothered me.  Anyway, they do that thing where they take a picture and it shows all of the deep sun damage and wrinkles, etc., and…

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Coffee filters…who knew! And you can buy 1,000 for almost nothing.

Stock up on coffee filters and use them daily. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave. Coffee filters make excellent covers. Clean windows and mirrors. Coffee filters are lint-free so they’ll leave windows sparkling. Protects your good dishes. Separate your dishes by putting acoffee filter between each dish. Filter broken cork from wine.…

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How healthy is your gut?

There are quite a few foods that might cause digestion challenges particularly products that contain high levels of lectin.  Lectins are one of the most significant sources of food sensitivity and according to experts, lectins destroy your gut and cause inflammation. Lectins are found in grains; beans and legumes; nuts; fruits; nightshade vegetables such as eggplant, tomatoes and…

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