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skin care and peptides


WHAT ARE PEPTIDES? I will always say yes to talking about skin care and peptides. What is it that makes young skin appear so firm, taut and smooth? The answer is Collagen, the structural protein found in the connective tissues of the body. Collagen, which makes up 75% of the skin, is crucial for the appearance …

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Goals AntiAging


2016 … is all about “Give Me Face“!  We want all kinds of faces on our social platforms.  We are an ageless site, helping all who will listen and participate.  Do you really want to have one more injection?  Do you want to buy a new contraption on an infomercial to glide across your face …

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  Here are some recent Testimonials from some Loyal Facial Magic & Luscious Lips Users. Dear Cynthia, I was so glad to receive your message this morning as it reminded me that I really want to thank you very heartily for something! The “something” being the eyelid/eyebrow lift exercise on your website.  I am a …

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Why I Eat Coconut Oil and You Should Too

Coconut oil is one amazing product – organic, virgin coconut oil is a delicious delight. Use a teaspoon of this most wonderful oil in coffee or pop popcorn for a real taste treat. The article lists the 11 A’s of coconut oil  and why it should become your new best friend, including 7 Ways You …

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The “Kylie Jenner Challenge” is NOT Safe…

There is a new trend in the beauty & celebrity worlds. In order to attain Kylie Jenner’s desirable pout, people are using shot glasses to plump their lips. This is DANGEROUS, why resort to these unsafe means when Luscious Lips can provide safe, natural, and plump lips. Read about the Kylie Jenner Challenge at Business …

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facial exercise over botox

Think Botox and Fillers Are Safe? Think Again!

Yes, injections of substances that plump and paralyze our faces can be dangerous, even life-threatening. Here’s a Botox horror story that might surprise you…and there’s more horror when a fat freezing treatment produced burns and blisters that disfigured a 34 year old woman. Think silicone injections might work for you? You’ll want to read the …

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What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Coconut Water?

We’ve been inundated with stories of coconut oil benefits but what about coconut water? It’s not the greatest tasting drink but hey, it offers superb qualities for better skin, lower blood pressure and helps our bodies efficiently burn fat. Seriously, by drinking one cup of coconut water each day, your health will likely improve. The …

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Naturopathic Dr. Lucy Rojo on the Ageless Sisters

If you have challenges with sleep, weight gain, lethargy, lack of energy, tummy discomfort, take 30 minutes for yourself to hear what Dr Rojo says about our Biological Balancing Act: Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Ageless Sisters on BlogTalkRadio Dr Rojo discussed thoughtful ways to enhance one’s health and well-being. …

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