25 Reasons to Have a Facelift

Actual Facial Magic® 7-day results!

There are many reasons to consider updating your appearance. Maybe you’ve grown tired of your hair style. Perhaps you’ve changed your color and your style but the changes aren’t quite working for you.

You either look in the mirror too much or not at all because you realize your dissatisfaction is not your hair but your face. 

The following list represents comment notes from phone calls and emails received in the last month or so from men and women who want to know if Facial Magic® exercise will work for their faces. Some of these pleas just need a friendly ear but I truly believe each scenario can be improved and the face enhanced with consistent Facial Magic exercise. 

  • Eyelids are sagging and lined
  • Eyebrows are drooping
  • Upper cheeks are sliding downward into jawline
  • Jawline is lumpy
  • Double chin is seen first in photos
  • Hanging wattle is sapping her confidence
  • Jowls resemble great Uncle George’s.
  • Crow’s feet are so prominent they practically encircle each eye
  • Vertical lines between brows (the “11’s”) act as neon lights
  • The neck bands are prominently displayed under chin
  • Look and feel older than age
  • Hopeless is middle name
  • Doesn’t mind spending children’s inheritance on a few procedures
  • Health and life be damned, will use experimental injections in face
  • Downturned mouth and dimples at the edge of mouth
  • Marionette lines cascading downward to jaw
  • Eyes look squinty and closed
  • Under-eye puffiness doesn’t go away
  • Forehead lines continue to deepen
  • Face looks and feels soft and spongy
  • Feels super insecure especially when looking in the mirror
  • Profile photo sucks
  • Looking in the mirror is painful
  • Suicidal thoughts regarding appearance
  • Complexion looks sallow and gray
  • Loose skin under the chin – it’s the dreaded wattle
  • Hanging double chin causes suffering
  • Entire face looks puffy, lined and old

What do you see when you look in the mirror? 

Remember, just as exercise can transform an out-of-shape body, the same transformation is possible for the face when you apply resistance and contraction principles. Those tiny, hidden muscles will reposition and you will see the results you crave. Your face will look better and better – most users tell us they look 5, 10, even 15 years younger after only a few weeks of training.

Using facial exercise makes sense in many ways. These proven exercise movements will be felt in your facial muscles from Day One. Day-by-day, you will feel muscles lifting as they gain strength and plumpness. Your skin will begin to look act differently as oxygenated blood enhances the muscles, muscle groups and tissue.

Without surgery, drugs or anything harmful or invasive, confidence in your appearance will increase. When you use Facial Magic facial exercise, you can fall in love with your face again!