5 Reasons to Use Facial Magic® Lactic Cleanser

The Facial Magic Lactic Cleanser is perfect for those who want smoother skin. Perhaps you have considered that your facial cleanser isn’t quite up to the task of giving you better looking skin.

After cleansing, maybe your skin still doesn’t feel as smooth and as soft as you prepare your face for its bedtime ritual. When it’s time for a change, this new Facial Magic product is just the ticket to deeply clean your face and leave it feeling pampered.

  • Gentle exquisite exfoliant – Lactic acid combined with botanicals such as green tea, chamomile and comfrey assure that your face is receiving the best treatment for cleansing and cleaning the debris, dirt, grime and makeup from your face. Never harsh or abrasive, always rejuvenating.
  • Removes dry, lifeless skin cells – Dry, lifeless skin cells hide our best feature – youthful skin. As the Lactic Cleanser is used once a day, in just weeks you will notice how supple your skin appears. Grayish skin is untreated skin and this product will return the look of pretty.
  • Cleans clogged pores – Do you still have flare ups on your face in the form of bumps and pimples? Acne? When you use this cleanser, one great feature is that your flare ups and breakouts will lessen because the product deeply cleans pores. Resurfaced skin, clean pores and a fresher looking face is yours when you use our Lactic Cleanser.
  • Skin feels remarkably soft, smooth and rejuvenated – Youthful looking skin is developed. It does not appear overnight. Smooth and rejuvenated skin comes over time with consistent use of products designed to help you say, “Well, Hello Gorgeous”!
  • Affordably priced – Generous portion – One pump into the palm of your hand is usually enough product to adequately cleanse your face. Apply product over face and down into your neck, allow the product to “rest” thirty seconds then remove with a warm, wet washcloth. Pat your face dry then finish with your favorite treatments like retinol or Nighttime Magic.

This wonderful product can be purchased by itself or as a part of our new gift set. Here are your options: