An Unrecognizable Face

“Is it her?”

“I can’t tell!”

“She looks so different, almost like plastic!”

Reinventing your face with extreme plastic surgery may not produce the flattering results and accolades you wished for. Rather, comments like the above are normal when friends and family are woefully surprised by highly inflated cheeks, protruding lips, an ultra-slimmed nose and an almost unrecognizable, almost alien-like visage.

Now certain celebrities want to defy aging. Truth be told, most everyone wants to wear a face that looks healthy, lineless and youthful.

But becoming dissatisfied or desperate with one’s facial appearance can produce weird results when too many plumping and paralyzing injections are used. The mask-like face appears so over done with skin so smooth you’d swear it was a hi-tech, life-like invention and maybe it is.

Looking in the mirror and seeing this type of reflection might take some getting used to. Revision after revision is required to achieve a face so flawless. It’s not a “one and done” event. But, what’s next?

Faces can only take so many injections and only a few invasive nips and tucks before rebellion begins.

Consider surgical procedures on small, delicate facial features. Sutures and seams take time to heal, infection can occur, discoloration, bruising is possible, along with unintended side effects and what if you do not like the results? 

More revision!

Aging gracefully with dignity is great if you live outside Los Angeles but if you are in the entertainment business, that decision usually requires most women of all ages to succumb to plastic surgery “enhancements.”

Whether an eye lift, breast augmentation or a full-face lift with injections, these procedures have risk, and they are not guaranteed to provide any satisfaction.

Surgically altering the face is a big decision. Beginning a series of paralyzing and plumping injections has consequences that may not always be in your favor. Once it’s cut and sutured, your beautiful face will never look or even act the same.

Think long and hard before putting foreign substances in your body. Facial surgery is extreme. 

Love your face. Exercise it!