Beauty Trends for 2023

Out with the old and in with the new! Trends – what’s hot, what’s not! Trends come and go year after year.

Miniskirts to maxis, high heel 3-inch shoes to flats, low cut blouses to Victoria style high collars are all trends that encompass fashion. Every year the powers that be who push the “new looks” engineer changes in almost every aspect of color, style and originality.

As designers come and go, so do products that we use on our faces.

Isn’t it maddening when a product that you love is discontinued without notice? Lipstick shades come to mind and so do certain medications.

One beauty trend for 2023 begins with using reliable, top-shelf, face-care skincare products that make a difference. Without ingredients that harm, wearing beautiful toned, tightened skin is the #1 goal no matter what year or what age! Skin care has evolved in leaps and bounds since products like Pond’s Cold Cream and Boncilla’s Green Clay Mask were the rage.

Natural beauty rather than beauty from a syringe or a scalpel equals beauty wellness.

Beauty wellness starts with Facial Magic® facial exercise. From the inside out, this remarkable facial exercise program will rehabilitate those tiny muscles hidden under our skin. These muscles give our faces support, shape and contour.

By firming, lifting and toning facial muscles you will stop most facial aging.

Aging caused by lax, sagging facial muscles drag down the skin in a very unflattering way. Think heavy cheek muscles that sink to the lower face causing jowls and pouches or loose eye lids that prevent attractive mascara and eye shadow application.

The year 2023 could hold medical surprises as many previous users of plumping and paralyzing injections may find adverse contraindications arise due to complications and sensitivities stemming from Covid 19 responses.

Your best bet for a youthful 2023 is to choose Facial Magic!