Celebs Say Bye-Bye to Facial Fillers

What’s prompting this undoing of cosmetic procedures, especially the injectable plumping kind?

For years and years, celebrities have long used plumping and paralyzing injections to “improve” their appearance. From gorgeous actresses, Joan Van Ark to Priscilla Presley to Catherine Zeta Jones, now a younger set, including lots of hip hop artists, have had face work done and that includes many, many fillers.

Recently, celebs have had second thoughts about their decision to regularly use facial injections. 

They realize that layers and layers of injected material that was used to “prop up” sagging facial features or enhance cheeks, jawlines and lips is no longer the avenue they want to pursue.  

Shockingly, some of them are even now undergoing treatments to remove and dissolve fillers.

Why? They want to wear their original faces. Natural beauty is in vogue. 

And, these discriminating females are willing to talk about the whys and wherefores of their actions.

Angela Renée White, stage name Blac Chyna, a beautiful 34-year-old model and former reality star, has been very public about her decision to remove fillers from her face and buttocks. According to Daily Mail UK, she decided to remove the fillers as result of an ongoing effort to lead a healthier lifestyle with better diet, exercise and nutritional habits. The fillers were beginning to stand out and make her look ‘crazy.’ She felt the look of fillers was no longer flattering as she has outgrown the Blac Chyna persona and is ready to start out with a fresh face.

She is advising others, especially young people to avoid the urge to follow the crowd.

Then Friends star, Courtney Cox, has revealed that her biggest “beauty regret” has been fillers. She, too, has had her facial fillers dissolved and her natural face is youthful and stunning. She admits that you go, “Oh, I’m changing. I’m looking older. And I tried to chase that youthfulness for years. And I didn’t realize that, oh, s**t, I’m actually looking really strange with injections and doing stuff to my face that I would never do now.”

Loving your face…!