Cheap, Effective Peroxide & Self Care

Watching a “dated” film clip regarding hydrogen peroxide, I learned a fascinating tip from the woman
who was instructing her students on the benefits of using hydrogen peroxide daily on the largest organ
of our body – our skin.

Now I’ve used peroxide for years in many, many ways. In fact, it’s my #1 bathroom vanity cleaner and I
spray it frequently in my kitchen but in the short 1:30 film clip, the woman, I presume a “medical
veteran” who may have run a clinic, suggested we cleanse our bodies daily with hydrogen peroxide.
That’s right…she suggested we rub peroxide all over our limbs, torso, neck and back. The peroxide goes
to work to fight germs, viruses, cancer cells and tumor tissue…her words, not mine. It is absorbed into
the skin and blood stream however; hydrogen peroxide is not to be ingested.

Peroxide is a simple solution – water and oxygen in its pure form – H 2 O 2 yet it has a multitude of
practical uses. And, it has medical benefits from dissolving wax in ears to treating simple cuts and
abrasions. Medical grade 3% is recommended for at home use…this means the solution is 97% water
and 3% peroxide.

Peroxide has been studied far and wide. There are many opinions regarding its uses but I like the idea of
splashing my body with a natural substance that fights germs, viruses and suspicious cells. Like
everything, over use may result in dry skin, minor irritation and redness.
Common sense tells me that frequently using hydrogen peroxide is a positive application of a tried-and-
true product.

If you research uses for hydrogen peroxide, you’ll be shocked at what you find. One interesting tidbit
from the Cleveland Clinic was not to use it on open wounds or acne. Benzoyl Peroxide is vastly different
than Hydrogen Peroxide so check the instructions for recommended use.