Dealing With Lines Around the Mouth and Shrinking Lips

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Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage…”

Same analogy for your lips and mouth…”you can’t have one without the other.”

If you are seeing shrinking lips, you are likely seeing lines, tiny at first, but if left unattended, those tiny, feathery wisps can easily deepen and lengthen, attacking the lip line and then eroding the area above the upper lip. Even the lower lip line can be affected by our repetitive motions – puckering is just one motion.

Lines seem to develop as the age of 40 nears. Lines above the upper lip are worrisome. They can aggravate our lipstick application. So we powder ( probably a big mistake because powder typically removes moisture), hoping no one notices that the lipstick bleed is happening to you.

We try lighter shades of foundation and lip stick, use a lip liner regularly and forego lip gloss entirely. Some gals begin to adopt the ‘oh, what’s the use’ attitude and leave lipstick behind and go for the ‘au natural’ look that is mostly drab and sometimes unappealing.

What’s really, absolutely disgusting but true is that your lips are also thinning. What’s up with that? Well, menopause, less hydration, hormonal activity and heritage are only a few reasons our lips thin as we mature, but one of the biggest culprits of lines around the mouth and shrinking, thinning lips is muscle atrophy.

You see, the lip tissue is considered soft tissue. The oval muscle, the orbicularis orris, surrounds and supports our lips, our mouth. Lip tissue shrinks and lips becomes less thick as we age. 

Now there are those who are quick to suggest painful injections to plump up the lines above the top lip, but more injections are typically suggested to actually plump up the soft tissue with absorbable fillers. Medical procedures like this are costly. Money outlay along with possible side effects like infection, hardening of the tissue, excessive bleeding and then there are the lumps and bumps and bruises.

Here’s the real downside: Using lip fillers is not a one-off thing. If you use fillers frequently for a period of time then decide you no longer want to make that investment for whatever reason, your lips may rebel. They may sag. You may experience necrosis. You may require lip reduction surgery to correct the damage.

The alternatives that work best over time are Facial Magic® facial exercise, a dedicated skincare regimen and a date with the Luscious Lips® lip pump.