Facial Magic® Retinol is Superb!

Just one little pump at night will change the appearance of your skin! 

What a claim!

It’s true! Prove me wrong!

In the last 90 days I attribute the resurfacing of my skin to nightly use of our gentle but amazing retinol in a pump bottle.

Pump once into your opposite hand then begin to smooth the Retinol onto your chin then up over your top lip and then up onto your cheeks. Avoid your eye area entirely but swipe the remaining product across your forehead and the smidgens onto the tops of your hands.

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A. This potent product was designed to improve the tone and texture of your skin. Who says you just have to use it on your face? Increasing cell turnover, creating brighter, smoother skin, whether it’s on your face, your arms or the back of your hands, is the main function of Retinol. This versatile product can be used everywhere you need improvement except around the delicate eye area.

If you have rough, aging skin on any part of your body, a few weeks of Retinol treatment might just smooth that area. I’m thinking elbows and forearms. Just remember that if you use Retinol, you must be mindful of sun exposure because this product can increase skin sensitivity.

Treating dark spots with Retinol can substantially lessen their appearance. Cell turnover in this case means that Retinol is exfoliating those areas. 

Acne breakouts are usually successfully treated with Retinol. Even acne scars can be treated with Retinol.

Want firmer skin with lessened appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Retinol is proven to keep skin firmer as it boosts the production of collagen.

Retinol is my perfect nighttime treatment. Clean face and Retinol and I’m off to dreamland.