Heavy, Sagging Jowls Can Make You Look Matronly!

It’s no secret that wearing heavy, sagging jowls can create a matronly looking face. Just take a look at Darlene’s face at the photo below.

At age 48, her fading beauty was a great concern to her. These heavy jowls made her look overweight when in actuality she was quite petite with a slim figure…it was her face that threw everything out of balance.

As a business woman whose looks were important, she wanted her face to match the rest of her body.

She wasn’t exactly a gym rat but she exercised regularly and walked almost daily when weather permitted. Exercise for the body shows in better posture and sculpted arms, torso and legs but wearing a slim figure takes attention to detail and that includes special exercises for the face.

Specific spot facial exercises, like Facial Magic® Exercise #3, will definitely begin sculpting the area but that’s not how a face is lifted.

Strengthening and lifting the tiny muscles that comprise the shape and contour of our faces are learned the first nine weeks of this most remarkable program. Tiny, hidden muscles weave over and under each other and attach to bone on only one end. The other end of the muscle or muscle group attaches to skin or attaches to another muscle.

The lower face where jowls reside requires that the muscles in the chin and each side of the face be lifted and toned as well but that cannot be accomplished with only one or two exercises. The secret?

The heavier muscles, forehead, brows, upper cheeks are exercised and lifted first and then jowls and pouches can be addressed. The neck muscles also come into play so exercising them will also help sculpt and lift the jowls and pouches.

It’s true…all facial muscles seem to be connected. Enjoying a toned and lifted face will keep your face looking healthy, pretty and younger looking. The Facial Magic exercise routine will maintain your youthful, beautiful face and if you’re over 40, Facial Magic will help you look younger than your peers. Imagine a face that looks 5, 10, even 15 years younger in just weeks! It can happen! Promise!

DARLENE Colorado

She looks years younger. Her cheeks are contoured, smoother and her nasal labial folds are flattened. Her chin and neck are transformed! Her eyes are not hooded, either. Under the eyes and even the nose has noticeably changed. The entire face is no longer elongated. It seems smaller and better defined.

Heavy jowls and sagging cheeks made Darlene look much older. In only eight weeks, her face is tightened, refined and more youthful.