How Facial Magic® Contours Your Face

No matter how religiously you pamper and care for your face with excellent products and regular facials, most men and women begin to see subtle signs of aging in their faces that skincare cannot solve.

Slathering facial products day after day certainly has advantages – when you’re in your early 30’s, your skin looks and feels radiant and smooth – no visible wrinkles or lines to indicate that aging is occurring

Yes, aging, sinister aging. The kind of aging that creeps up on you, like when you first notice fine lines developing around your eyes or worse, the slight loosening of the skin under your chin. Progressive aging will sap your confidence and make you feel helpless as hidden muscles quietly lose their strength and vitality. This action causes your beautiful skin to succumb to lines and wrinkles and droopiness.

Our beautiful faces can go from glam to misshapen in just a few years.

This uncomfortable transformation doesn’t mean you’ve neglected yourself – it just means that you’ve never learned how to contour your face to keep it looking youthful and healthy.

It’s true – beauty seems to fade over time. We look at our mothers’ faces and see the inevitable drooping and sagging facial features that await us if we are not consistent with facial exercise to keep our faces looking youthful.

Gravity, lifestyle choices, sun damage and disuse of your facial muscles cause facial aging. As you approach the age of 30 and beyond, these conditions can be corrected over time, especially the sagging and droopiness caused by lax, unexercised muscles that lay beneath the surface of your skin.

Using Facial Magic’s proven techniques of isometric contraction, your thumbs and fingers can anchor the area to be exercised and create that lifting and contouring contraction in just seconds. Each exercise can be completed in 35 seconds. Every week you learn and master two exercises. Ideally, at the end of nine weeks, you are performing 18 exercises that can be completed in less than 30 minutes – all in your home using exercise gloves, a mirror and instruction from Cynthia.

Contouring your face, sculpting the cheeks and lifting areas that are droopy is Facial Magic’s specialty. You’ll become a believer!