Hydra C – 12% Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Serum is a Winner!

Dry skin on your face feels taut.

Rather than feeling smoothness, you feel rough, dry skin.

The feeling of youthful elasticity is gone and in its place is facial skin that needs revitalization, strengthening and daily care.

Maybe you’ve tried a multitude of products, most of us have, but now it’s time to seriously consider a new line of defense for your skin because wearing old-looking skin is not for you.

There is something different about this serum and you’ll recognize that the moment you apply that first drop onto your face. Immediately, most will feel warmth from this silky, hydrating formula. It’s a magical feeling, a knowing that your skin is using something totally different.

You will see your skin begin its transformation in just days; however, the real magic begins in about 60 days as skin renews itself.

Those pesky little lines and wrinkles and dry skin patches have welcomed other treatments but until now, the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for is here in the Facial Magic® Hydra C with Ferulic Acid Serum.

Our newest product is a winner! The combination of high-potency Vitamin C coupled with Hyaluronic Acid will treat your skin with age-defying antioxidants that make a remarkable difference in the appearance of your facial skin. 

There is a performance-boosting secret that I will share.  When you regularly perform the Facial Magic exercise routine, from the inside out, your face will look better and better, and treating it with a most wonderful antiaging serum such as the Hydra C is one terrific and potent combination.

The Hydra C Serum boasts 12% Vitamin C which fights premature aging skin, it brightens the complexion, and inhibits photo damage as it helps the skin repair itself.

Hyaluronic Acid is all about moisture retention in your skin, smoothing dry, rough patches and reducing the signs of aging, untreated skin. 

You will want to add Hydra C to your arsenal of antiaging products! Today!