Lashes and Lipstick

Enhanced, enchanting lashes, no matter your age, will likely create an aura wherever you go – an aura of self-assurance, sophistication, elegance and increasing sex appeal when you have your lashes professionally enhanced and improved.

Enhanced lashes are everywhere. Women who know, know that lashes and lips are the focal points of their faces.

Deep beauty is found in our faces. The way we smile is one pathway to that beauty.

Growing up, we young, beautiful teens seemed to gravitate to cosmetic counters that offered everything from fragrances to foundation to beauty magazines that portrayed every fashion with style and sway. What were the products we typically experimented with first?  Mascara and lipstick.

At a certain age, our lashes begin to diminish. They’re no longer thick and lush. Even brands that boast the longest, lengthening formulas may not provide you the look you crave.

At this writing I am exploring the idea of having my lashes enhanced.

What has prompted me to explore this is because I saw someone who at first, I thought was rather plain, mousy and ordinary wearing no mascara or lipstick transform into quite a beauty when she had her lashes enhanced. Her personality changed, too, when she applied barely there lipstick.

I actually was taken aback by her beauty – no foundation, just lashes expertly applied and not over-the-top outlandish length. Her face was transformed.

Eyelash extensions are not new. Rather than a single strip which, to me, is clumsy, individual lashes are applied (glued) one at a time to your natural, existing lashes. Appropriately applied lashes will last six weeks to two months with touch ups.

That’s my sticking point. This is an investment in time and money. With most extensions running about $250 and touchup another $75 or more per month, one has to wonder if this cash outlay is right for you. Mascara use is not recommended when you are wearing lash extensions.

And, once you have these lashes, what if you want them removed? Can you safely remove them at home? Possibly. With careful attention to detail, I’ve read to soak your lashes with olive oil on a cotton ball for a few minutes, then, with a warm, wet washcloth, gently use downward strokes on your lashes. The artificial lashes will definitely loosen and hopefully drop without injury to natural lashes.