Let’s Talk About Cleansers!

The new Facial Magic® skincare line boasts two unique cleansers that are superb in many ways!

We offer the Lactic Acid Cleanser and the Peptide Anti-Aging Cleanser. Both are in 7-ounce air-tight containers with a unique pump system. Like all our new products, they are shrink-wrapped for maximum safety so the products are never contaminated by bare fingers.

When this line was under development, we wanted to make certain that you had choices that would impact your beautiful skin in the most positive way ever. Each product was individually chosen and formulated with you in mind. They are all “results driven”.

Understanding how cleansers perform takes a little research. Why did we choose a lactic acid cleanser rather than an AHA one? Well, lactic acid is AHA! Alpha Hydroxy Acid is in the same family as Glycolic.

First of all, our Lactic Acid cleanser is designed to perform multiple duties:

  • Cleanse the face without irritation.
  • Increase cell turnover so you wear a brighter complexion.
  • Leave your skin plumped while diminishing and softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduce clogged pores so acne is treated. When you use the cleansing products at nighttime to remove makeup, lather it onto your face and allow it to penetrate the pores for deep cleaning. Leave the Lactic Acid cleanser or the Peptide Cleanser on your face undisturbed for 30 seconds then wash it off with plenty of warm water and a clean washcloth.

These cleansers were designed for you to use twice daily.

The Facial Magic Anti-Aging Firming Peptide Cleanser is a hydrating cleanser designed for those with “tired” looking skin – drab and lifeless.

This Anti-Aging Peptide Cleanser is a helping hand to re-energize facial skin that needs rescuing.

The benefits of this cleanser for skin showing signs of aging:

  • Deeply cleans pores with slight exfoliation
  • Provides rich hydration
  • Skin looks and feels supple and restored
  • Ideal after peels and microdermabrasion

We want you to feel great about your face and we understand the importance of a clean face before you treat it, exercise it or adorn it with other skincare items.