New York City Walkers Find Foot Relief

Jackie and I found Baby Foot at Cosmoprof Las Vegas and marveled at Diane Ranger’s soft, baby smooth feet that she proudly showed us. Without anything harmful, calluses and thicker skin are gently lifted in less than two weeks. You’ll want to use it again and again!

New products exfoliates for smooth feet. Credits: Baby Foot, U.S.A.

BY: Jackie Silver

It’s no secret that New York City residents and visitors spend a lot of time walking. Now, one company wants to help soothe and “baby” all those tired feet with its new product, Baby Foot.

Baby Foot is a sole-soothing, foot exfoliation treatment that targets and removes the dead skin cells on your feet, leaving you with the soft feet “of a baby.” It’s an in-home treatment that takes very little time, only one hour, although the results occur over the course of a few weeks.

Simply place the booties on your feet for an hour, rinse the solution away and within two to seven days your feet will start peeling away the dead, dry skin.

Dead skin cells accumulate due to pressure and friction from ordinary activities such as standing, exercising and wearing shoes. In many cases, feet become cracked and painful from the accumulation of dead skin.

In the past, frequent use of foot files and razors were used to “remove” the dead skin on your feet. However, this is a temporary fix because as recent research reveals, filing generates more friction to the soles of your feet which in turn creates more dead skin.

Vera Gibbons, director of sales and operations for Baby Foot, U.S.A., says “Baby Foot gives you an experience that you’ve never had before in a foot exfoliate. When you get done with this product you will want to do it over and over again. It will make you feel sexy, healthy and will give you an overall well-being sensation.”

Baby Foot contains 17 kinds of natural extracts which are said to have a high moisturizing power and astringency, thus the sole becomes smooth after peeling. Baby Foot not only peels the dead skin cells from your feet, it also maintains the grain of the skin and adds moisture to the skin. In addition, Baby Foot could improve other issues such as foot odor and athlete’s foot.

“Baby Foot just works! It removes the dead skin cells from your feet, leaving them like a baby’s foot,” adds Gibbons.

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