Say NOOOO to Face Injection$!

Young caucasian woman getting botox cosmetic injection near the eyes. Beautiful woman gets botox injection in her face. Adult girl gets cosmetic injection of botox in a clinic. Beauty treatments

Face injections are very, very popular to say the least. This billion-dollar industry of injecting chemicals into your face reminds me of a movie with Sharon Stone and others who experimented with certain face “treatments” that did not bode well for beauty. Bottom line: faces were ruined in the search for the “Fountain.”

So how do you define “a beautiful face”?

Smooth, taut, flawless skin? Lineless forehead? Lifted cheeks? What an ideal!

It is likely, if you’re over the age of 30, you are beginning to see the tell-tale signs of fading beauty and this likely scares you. What are you going to do to preserve your beauty? How do you deal with this loss and how much money are you willing to part with to maintain or try to improve the status quo?

A lot of you will run to those who offer paralyzing and plumping injections. Yes, you will likely see results but are they what you envisioned? Is the pain and aggravation worth the investment and outlay of cash?

Here’s the real $64,000 question: will you repeat this type of intervention? How many times per year? For how many years? Ten? Twenty? Thirty? Forty?

Repeated injections usually lead to surgical “remedies” and “interventions” and even “revisions”… a greater outlay of cash for again no guarantee that you will like your results. Does that make sense to you?

What’s really scary is that after a few injections your face begins to look and act differently. You may begin to look a little “off” and you may begin to develop other lines and wrinkles as your hidden facial muscles try to accommodate the paralyzing or plumping effects these chemicals have on your face.

Facial aging will continue no matter what you are injecting. When you make the decision to stop this practice, you will want to compensate with something reliable, proven and safe because there are quite a few of you who have tried these extraneous methods only to realize the injections do nothing toward facial rejuvenation.

True, natural beauty is possible. Save your face! Exercise it using the tried-and-true method of facial rejuvenation from Facial Magic! You’ll be thrilled with your results!