Vertical Forehead Lines – What Do They Mean?

Vertical forehead lines, you know the ones, the 11’s that etch into your forehead between your eyebrows? The very sinister ruts in the very forefront of your face are a result of repetitively knitting your brows together. This continued action of concentration, frowning or scowling makes you look older, more tired, angry and generally dissatisfied with everything! Harsh? Truth? 

The mirror can be cruel. Looking at flaws can be painful. Over time confidence erodes and your beauty is affected. You might give up wearing lipstick or forego regular daily maintenance like face washing, even leg shaving.

It seems that all of us at one time or another will experience those “sloth” moments. Maybe we don’t hang up our clothes at the end of the day or we let dirty dishes pile up in the sink or we have so many irons in the fire that there just isn’t enough personal time – time every day for just you. Yes, “overwhelm” can affect every area of our being.

Our appearance directly affects our mental health.

Glabella wrinkles, the 11’s, are a result of the corrugator muscles, located above the eyebrows, repeatedly contracting and releasing, contracting and releasing from the time you get up and seriously, throughout the day and into the night as you sleep. This repeated contraction of the corrugator muscles is the base cause of these wrinkles invading your forehead.

If you seek out medical intervention, your medical provider will likely introduce you to paralyzing injections. This may not be a wise choice. Even though these treatments have been popular for a long time, and yes, these treatments certainly paralyze the area between the brows, this does not change the fact that a toxin is being injected into your body. A costly toxin in more ways than one as possible side effects are numerous.

Learning to stop frowning begins with you wearing office tape over the vertical forehead lines. That’s right. Not only will the tape remind you when you’re frowning but the tape will lessen the look of lines. Wear the tape when you’re by yourself and when you are sleeping.

Feeling great about your appearance begins with your face. Taking just baby steps can begin to create an attitude adjustment that can carry over into every facet of your life so that you look and feel better about yourself.

Those vertical forehead lines – what do they mean? They mean you need to take better care of you!