When Topical Skincare is Not Enough

Slathering – one of my favorite words to describe how skincare is applied.

Generously applying cleansers, serums and treatments has its rewards as cell turnover reveals newer looking skin but after years of constant maintenance, do you realize that topical skincare is not enough to maintain the youthful visage that you crave?

It’s disheartening to see how your upper eye area has diminished when you’ve faithfully used a hydrating, emollient eye treatment. And the crow’s feet are more than roosting at the edge of your eyes even though you’ve worn sunglasses and tried to stop squinting.

Treating jowls and pouches, marionette lines and dimples at the edge of your mouth with glycolic, retinol and deep hydration products seem to have little to no effect on these not so pretty areas that cause you angst. Sure, your skin looks better but it’s the sagging and droopy facial features that need treatment.

Same with the line or fold that is streaking downward from your nose to your mid cheek. Every year that line deepens it firmly implants itself forever in your face. 

A radical intervention is needed if you want to save your face.

Saving your face – keeping your facial features lifted without atrophy and without using bizarre measures like injections or surgery – takes a willingness to spend a few minutes each week in front of your mirror while you perform proven, face-saving, facial exercises. 

Treating your face in your 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s will have most of your friends scratching their heads as they notice your face stays practically the same year after year.

If you are mid-fifty and above when you make the decision to save your face, your friends just might believe you’ve had a facelift when they see you after 12 weeks of attention to your face as most men and women in this age range believe they look 10 to 15 years younger as their wayward facial muscles become toned and lifted and skin looks tightened.

Consistency is the key. Will you look 16 again? Doubtful but you will look better than you have in years!

Let Facial Magic® save your face!