Why You Will Love Glycolic Smoothing Lotion

The new and certainly fantastic Facial Magic® Glycolic Smoothing Lotion is one terrific product that immediately begins treating your facial skin with extra moisture but it’s the glycolic action that really makes a difference in disguising and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Once you apply it to your face, you will feel and see a noticeable difference of smooth, velvety, hydrated skin immediately.

You can either apply the Glycolic Smoothing Lotion to clean skin or over Vitamin C Serum that has been allowed to penetrate and dry.

It is important to note that this product needs to be gently massaged into your skin. Lots of skincare products can be quickly applied but this Smoothing Lotion is different. Using small, circular strokes, take the time to make certain the lotion is evenly distributed and absorbed into your pores.

In the beginning, use this product every other day. You may use it daily but to me it seems to perform better when it is used every other day.

You may want to use a moisturizer over the Smoothing Lotion if you are applying foundation. Our Plump and Smooth mask is ideal over this smoothing treatment.

Glycolic acid clarifies your skin by gently removing gray, dead skin cells that have stuck together. When you do not remove these old cells, your skin does not look healthy nor does it act like young skin. 

Regular exfoliation using glycolic acid combined with added hydration properties means you will lose the rough, dry skin on your face, neck and even the back of your hands. Use this product on your upper chest to improve your neckline.

There’s one more suggestion:  use SPF30 daily under foundation on your face and on every glycolic treated area.

Your face is the first thing people see and I know you want to look sensational with a dazzling, youthful appearance that shouts beauty!