Without the Gloves, There is No Lift   

Facial Magic® facial exercise produces youthful results. 

Your brows, your cheeks, double chin, the dreaded wattle, are all areas that will lift and contour but if you want to get these beauty-enhancing benefits, you must wear the specially weighted Facial Magic gloves.

The gloves provide more than anti-slippage. 

Your thumbs and fingers must anchor the muscles to be exercised and if gloves are missing, then the muscles are not sufficiently anchored. Isolating and anchoring the specific muscle or muscle groups is what sets this exercise program apart from other facial exercise programs.

This is the very reason so many facial exercise programs have been dismissed by medical professionals. Without the anchoring, the muscles are subjected to twists and puckers, funny faces and contortions that do nothing to lift the face. Alternatively, additional sagging and wrinkling is possible!

“The right grip”… Judy P of Overland Park, KS says that without the right grip on her muscles by wearing gloves, her face, at her age wouldn’t look as good as it does. Judy was concerned for her neck when she first began this exercise program but now, she’s wonderfully pleased with her facial results.

Pulling and tugging on muscles or making grimacing faces without anchoring is going to disappoint the user. Why? Think about it. 

Pulling and tugging is going to weaken the entire facial structure and this action will create lax skin. Same with making contortions with your face. If the muscle or muscle groups are being manipulated without anchoring and contraction, there will be a definite elongation of the facial muscles because weak muscles and skin go ‘south’. 

This is why wearing the Facial Magic gloves makes all the difference in your desired results.

Trying to get by using washcloths or other items will not work effectively if you want your face to lift, tone and tighten. There is just no way to compare the difference of using your thumbs and fingers as your age erasers if they’re not wearing specially weighted Facial Magic gloves.