How Your Face Ages in Your 50’s and Beyond

Women over 50

Dry skin! Age spots! Wrinkles! Spider veins! Skin tags! Oh dear ... if women are living longer than ever, why oh why can we not put off menopause too?  Here is how your skin ages in your 50's and what to do about it.


1.  Problem: Cracking Face

That's what it feels like when your skin is dehydrated.  Again, drink water all day long.  I can't say it enough.  In fact, here is my post on "Why Drink More Water?"

Ditch harsh soaps, lower the temperature of your showers, and wash your face only at night to avoid endangering the already-low levels of hydration in your skin. During the day, choose a product with cell renewal ingredients like a glycolic and one that protects.  My Cell Renewal Glycolic Cream Moisturizer stimulates cell renewal and collagen production.  At night, use Cell Renewal Cellular Repair Cream to help the skin retain moisture and also heals! 

 When putting on your moisturizer at night and in the morning, massage it into your face.  It feels great!  I have several choices for moisturizing, depending on your skin issues.

Get instant healthy glow and minimize wrinkles as this oil free repair serum stimulates your skin to heal.
Choose 5% – 10% – 15% Strength Glycolic Acid Cream. Protective and non-greasy moisturizer. Stimulates cell renewal and collagen production while refining skin texture.

2.  Problem: Sun Damage

Target pigmented age spots on your face with anti-aging products, sun screen always and wear a hat!  They are "in" these days. 

Full spectrum UV block with antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid . Use daily under makeup, over over glycolic products or skin lightening products.
Increases your skin's vitality and longevity, Repairs damaged tissues and dry skin, Activates your own skin regeneration, Protects human stem cells against UV light-induced death,Combats aging skin and deep wrinkles, Targets premature aging and fine lines, reverses environmental damage.

3.  Problem: Enlarged Pores

And then there is the enlarged pores!  Have they become much more pronounced?  Why is that? It is because the skin has loosened.  The best way to decrease enlarged pores is by using the Facial Magic Beauty System or as I like to say "Exercise those facial muscles!"  Isolating facial muscles and strengthening them will tighten the skin.  It's not to late to start.