Good-Bye Facial Wrinkles!

I was in Florida for seminars and met Paul Allen, publisher of NuYou Magazine, and his lovely wife, Tracy.  They attended an Innisbrook workshop where I got to work “magic” on Tracy’s face.  She was delighted with her results and just could hardly believe her eyes when her jowls lifted.   Here is what Paul wrote in the August 2009 edition of NuYou: Good-Bye Facial Wrinkles!
Last month I went to a seminar that was put on by Ms. Cynthia Rowland who is a pioneer in the field of “facial fitness”. Cynthia believes that exercise will tighten the muscles in your arms, belly, chest, buttocks and thighs …. she also says that facial muscles are no different!
When you think about it, she’s 100% correct.
Why wouldn’t muscles located in your face do the same thing that other muscles in your body do?
Cynthia teaches a system that features eighteen different exercises that will tighten and lift your cheeks, jowls, eyelids, forehead and neck muscles. They are easy to do and a fantastic alternative to plastic surgery or botox injection. Cynthia represents “Facial Magic” and they sell a line of merchandise that includes: Daily Lift, Deep Cleansing Gel, Daytime Skin Nutrition, Overnight Sensation, Under-Eye Nourisher and a Lip Pumper that is something to see!
If you would like more information check out and see everything Cynthia has to offer!