Are you Fast-Tracking on Aging

Are you fast tracking on the “Never ending desire for a more youthful appearance”? See how you are when answering the following questions:
Have you begun using muscle paralyzing injections before the age of 40?
Have you had plastic surgery somewhere on your body?
Do you constantly berate yourself regarding your appearance?
If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are battling with Mother Nature. Trying to look younger using chemicals, surgery, and injecting foreign substances that have no long term testing is detrimental to your
good health. The medical profession that deals in enhancement can
not possibly predict how their patients are going to react to these substances or procedures over a twenty or thirty year span.
Once you’ve decided that surgery or injections is your chosen modality to look younger, you have set yourself up for failure. Why? Because one injection is never enough twenty injections over 2-3years won’t be enough either and before you know it, ten years will have passed and your body is filled with toxic chemicals that may cause harm. And you still need more injections!
Same goes for surgery. Will one eye lift be enough? Will you constantly want to update your look using surgical techniques that contribute to an old looking face? Wait a minute you say! Isn’t surgery supposed to make one look younger? Yes, that’s the goal but more often than not,
multiple surgeries make your face look like you’ve had multiple surgeries. The pulling and tweaking can produce a very freakish appearance,especially when fine lines and wrinkles are zapped by a laser.
The adage: “Aging Gracefully” has been replaced with carefully staged propaganda disguised as advertising in upscale magazines, TV and radio proclaiming that you need Botox, Restylane, and even surgery to look youthful.
This is a lie told by big companies who manufacture chemical and cadaver substances; the drug companies and the medical community have tons of money to sway your consciousness into believing this hype. They want you to become hooked on injections and surgery so they can continue to develop more and more substances for you to use. So what if there are deadly complications from over use? “Over use” is big business and that is exactly what is hoped for no matter if too many injections equals repeat business. These repeat procedures equate to easy dollars for the medical community. And, there is little risk to them when they’re using injections to line their pockets; no large insurance premiums are required for non-surgical procedures. That’s one reason why Medi Spas are prevalent in and adjacent to shopping malls and structures in hig-traffic, high-dollar areas; there are no national standards in place to protect the consumer and they offer everything from facials to pharmaceutical injections and other medical procedures. The lure of the “lunch-time facial” with easy in and out can affect not only your appearance but your over-all health and well-being. At some point, someone has to take a stand and say “Enough!” Taking control of your health means you must be willing to stop having frivolous surgery and multiple injections that paralyze and artificially plump up sagging facial features. Taking back your power doesn’t mean you have to look old or dowdy. In fact, if you stop squandering money on needless procedures Mother Nature never intended you to use, you can actually treat the cause of aging in the face. Most aging is caused by loose and fl abby facial muscles; if you’re sporting a double chin, a wattle or hooded eyes, this is a result of muscles that are no longer strong and tight. If the apples in your cheeks sag even when you smile and your forehead droops into your upper eyes, do not be discouraged because you can actually exercise all the muscles in your face and neck. When you do this, your muscles will experience increased circulation, plumping the skin so that the face looks younger and fresher. Using exercise techniques that are proven to lift and tone your face makes sense; there is no risk, it’s very affordable and instead of looking freakish, you just look like you did 10-15 years ago…wholesome andrecognizable.