Are Your Jowls and Pouches Headed South?

The lower mouth area can become saggy, soft and droopy setting you up to look years older. You cannot disguise this condition with makeup. There’s really only one reason that you are wearing this look:  muscle atrophy from disuse.

There is only one viable way to correct this condition naturally without surgery and that’s Facial Magic® facial exercise. Twists, puckers, contortions or funny faces will not lift or smooth or tighten the lower mouth.

When you begin practicing Facial Magic, you will soon discover that you are lifting the heaviest muscles first…eyebrows/forehead, upper cheeks, then lower mouth…once those forehead and cheek muscles gain new strength, the easier it is to begin tightening and shaping the lower mouth region.

Here’s Facial Magic Exercise #3 for lower mouth strengthening:  Look at your face in a mirror. Then, sit or stand with your shoulders erect. Slightly lift your chin and turn your face to the right, look over your right shoulder, now look at the ceiling. Open your mouth and jut your jaw forward. Hold this contraction for 5 seconds. Release your jaw, bring your head slowly to the original starting position. Take a cleansing breath and begin again this time holding the contraction for 10 seconds. Release, repeat another two times for 10 seconds each. Look at your face – can you see how the left side is lifted and higher?

Switch sides and perform the exercise for a total of 35 second of contraction.