Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

We grew up trusting hydrogen peroxide – it is a most amazing product. Seriously, it has stood the test of time because the first uses of this water/hydrogen mixture were first recorded in the 19th century. Throughout the years, the formula has changed and improved because of its corrosive nature – it initially burned the skin. It’s still kind of hard on skin but it does have merit. Here are just some of the benefits of hydrogen peroxide.

There are many, many cosmetic and health products that use peroxide. Hair care products like dyes and bleaches and even shampoos use this multi-talented additive. Toothpaste has been on the peroxide bandwagon for a long time because it does indeed whiten and brighten teeth. Believe it or not, research tells me there are over 200 cleansing products that use peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide has a multitude of uses – I can name 9…can you name more?

  1. Ideal for brushing your teeth, especially when you dip your toothbrush into baking soda.
  2. Ear itch. Dropper a few drops into one ear at a time. It’s antifungal.
  3. Clean dingy grout.
  4. Lighten the tips of your hair – carefully!
  5. Kill mold and mildew – Dilute with water in a spray bottle
  6. Disinfect sinks, tubs and porcelain
  7. Mouthwash -Dilute with 2 parts water, Swish and rinse well. Spit. NEVER SWALLOW!
  8. Dilute with water to wash your veggies.
  9. Sterilize and clean makeup brushes

One of the best benefits of hydrogen peroxide is in keeping your kitchen clean. Countertops will sparkle. There’s no offending odor – that’s why many physician’s offices use this very inexpensive product. They can rely on the 3% solution to clean and disinfect surfaces that are constantly touched.

So here’s the bottom line:  there are many benefits of hydrogen peroxide. It’s powerful, safe, natural and it sure beats spending dollars on cleaning supplies. It will kill viruses, fungus and bacteria. Use it on all the bathroom and kitchen surfaces. One word of caution:  NEVER add bleach to peroxide – it’s a dangerous, explosive combination!