But Her Face

The average woman the nationality does not matter over the age of 40 is faced with a challenge like no other when it comes to her face.

That once youthful face after the age of forty can become a real health liability if plastic surgery and injections are chosen to cleverly disguise aging because most women who long to alter their appearance in hopes of looking younger forget that plastic surgery is indeed real surgery.

With the onslaught of certain television shows that portray only bits and pieces of what actually happens behind the scenes in a surgical suite or the segment is staged and carefully orchestrated to seem easy- breezy, the risks, a very real by-product of invasive procedures that tempt women and men worldwide, are not portrayed but artfully edited to only depict certain successes.

Bruises, discoloration, loss of sensation and swelling seem benign. But infection, blood clots, paralysis, brain damage and even death are very real concerns that are often overlooked and even played down. How about skin necrosis or puckers and dimples? These are very disappointing results that cannot be easily corrected.

We have all seen celebrities who have access to the very finest cosmetic surgeons who pay top dollar for their procedures yet they portray very dissatisfying results. Oversized, poorly placed breast implants, a nose that doesn’t quite look right, a face lift that is pulled too tightly, injections that over plump and over paralyze features and eyelids that no longer close are common.

So, how does a woman preserve her face? How does she stave off the aging process without resorting to invasive, risky procedures?

Most women will head to the gym hoping to redistribute and contour their bodies but her face…well, it needs extra care.

There is a very simple yet specific exercise program designed to lift, strengthen and tone the face. Just as resistance exercise works for the body; resistance exercise can work for the face. Not contortions, twists or puckers that may cause additional woes, but a proven, reliable exercise program that works to reshape and contour a sagging face.

Exercising the face requires only a few minutes a day to execute the movements. You really do not have to wear special clothes or take time out of your day to go to a gym; a facial exercise regime requires only your thumbs and fingers in white cotton gloves.

Facial muscles are tiny; one end connects to bone in the hairline while the other end is attached to another muscle or it attaches directly into the skin. Special anchoring techniques will create a contraction in the muscle or muscle groups and the added resistance means that the muscle will positively respond by repositioning, lifting, tightening and toning.

Your facial skin is attached directly to the muscles so when the exercises are performed, beneficial oxygenated blood is forced throughout the tissues. This oxygenated blood works to improve the resiliency and appearance of the skin.

There is no doubt that sagging facial features make you look old. This look of old can easily rob you of your confidence; you may stop looking in the mirror, using lipstick and then you just might stop caring about your appearance altogether because it seems no matter what cosmetic product you buy or use, it is evident that nothing is working. The droopiness continues…

Topical products, no matter how expensive, whether they come from the drugstore, the department store or the doctor’s office, cannot change the shape and contour of your facial features. Now maybe one day science will indeed discover a genome that will stop aging faces but until then the successful aging choices are very limited and most of them are risky.

Facial exercise can stop sagging eyelids, droopy cheeks, and even the dreaded wattle. Exercise is safe, it works quickly to lift the hanging features and the best part is that your friends, family and co-workers will notice there is something wonderfully different about your appearance. They will easily recognize you.

Most users believe that by using facial exercise one can look 5 – 10 even 15 years younger in hardly any time at all using this all natural process. There are no drugs to take and there is no recovery time because you haven’t undergone anything invasive, harmful or hurtful.

If you look in the mirror and see a version of you that resembles Great Aunt Hilda and you do not like what you see, you must ask yourself, ‘What do I have to lose?’ Only those sags and bags that make you look old.

Never again will anyone make remarks like “but her face.”