Vitamin C – our bodies do not manufacture/produce Vitamin C and that means we need to supplement it daily because it doesn’t store itself in the body.

This “super vitamin” has been long studied and the research shows that Vitamin C promotes a longer lifespan. This means that aging and related diseases, including cancer, may be prevented when optimal levels and doses are achieved.

Scientists believe that Vitamin C is an important component to healthy longevity. Vitamin C has a long list of positives…supplementing Vitamin C reduces oxidative stress in the body. It can generate the production of hydrogen peroxide which destroys fast growing cancers. This supplement boosts longevity as it lowers markers that would affect cardiovascular events.

Just a 1,000 mg tablet per day will boost your immune system, lower your risk of osteoporosis while helping to prevent viral infections like a cold.

My favorite healing aspect of Vitamin C supplementation is that it aids in the healthy production of collagen. In addition to supplementation, our highly potent Cell Renewal Vitamin C Serum works topically to enhance the skin.  Vitamin C  - A win-win for your overall health and beauty.