Change of Seasons, now what?

Those glorious tans are fading and our skincare needs change with the seasons. My True Beige foundation is almost too deep for daytime and Buff Beige is the better choice.

Our daytime routine for skincare doesn’t change too much at the beginning of Autumn but by the time old man winter arrives, you’ll want to increase the moisture to your face with highly emollient products.

Exfoliation begins with Cell Renewal Oil Free Glycolic Complex that is offered in three strengths. Start this process slowly to avoid irritation and redness. You’ll see pore refinement as the texture of your skin is improved. These dramatic changes will improve skin smoothness and create a blemish-free complexion. Apply to clean, dry skin every other day for one week. Apply daily the second week, then twice daily as your skin allows. This product eliminates the need for harsh scrubs or alcohol toners. The Oil Free Glycolic Complex contains the moisture magnet Hyaluronic Acid.

Treatments such as Vitamin C Serum, Apple Stem Peptide and Retinol are ideal to use year round. Layering your skin care always starts with a clean, dry face. Apply serums first and allow to penetrate. If you are layering for daytime, allow the products to incorporate on your skin before using foundation, otherwise, it will “roll.” If you use sun protection, it is applied after your treatments, before foundation.

Cell Renewal Repair Cream is an excellent intensive moisturizer. It was formulated to be used with the Cell Renewal Repair Serum. These soothing and nourishing products are ideal to treat and protect freshly exposed skin. Use on your face, neck and the back of your hands.