When you’ve gained a few pounds, you can easily disguise love handles and an enlarged waistline with clothing. When forehead lines appear, you can grow your bangs and wear oversized glasses to cover the vertical and horizontal furrows. But when your jawline begins to soften and lose its contour, there is no disguising this area.

Wearing a turtleneck or a large wrap around scarf isn’t going to conceal this jowly condition; in fact, wearing a turtleneck in 80-degree temperature does seem to call attention that something is amiss. Gravity and facial muscle atrophy will make your face appear older.

The forehead loosens, then elongates and pushes into the eyebrow and eye region. Hooding and wrinkling around the eyes begin. Cheek muscles begin to loosen sliding downward, the apples leave and instead jowls and pouches form near the mouth and jaw. As the heavy neck muscles begin to soften, the elongation of the muscles in the face is apparent even more. And then neck bands develop or you might see the dreaded wattle. Aging is a part of life but thankfully we do not have to look old. One of the best avenues to stop aging in the face is to faithfully use a proven facial exercise program that has demonstrated results. It’s so easy! In just minutes a day you can create a face that will always look vibrant and youthful.

Facial Magic facial exercise is a system that teaches you two exercises per week. We offer several exercises to affect the shape and contour of your jaw. Exercise #3 begins the process of fighting back against gravity and reshaping your jaw.

Here’s how we do it with Facial Magic – Exercise #3: Sit or stand with your shoulders erect, lift your chin about three inches. Slowly turn your face to the right, look over your shoulder, now look at the ceiling. Open your mouth slightly and slide your bottom jaw forward. Hold that position 5 seconds. Release your jaw and slowly bring your head back to the starting position. Take a cleansing breath and begin the second repetition and extend your jaw for 10 seconds. Release, repeat two additional times for a total of 35 seconds.

Switch sides: Shoulders erect, lift your chin, turn your face to the left, look over your shoulder, look at the ceiling. Open your mouth slightly and push your jaw forward. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat three times for 10 seconds each.

Ideally, we lift the heaviest muscles in the face first. Exercise #1 lifts the upper cheeks and Exercise #2 lifts the brows and forehead. If you start now, results will be forthcoming in just days.