How I wish that all of you could enjoy Trader Joe’s California Estate Extra Virgin Olive oil that boasts a lively olive, almost lemony flavor with a mild pepper finish. It is most delicious and it has a wide variety of uses from all types of salad dressings to pasta offerings.

Recent studies show that the regular use of olive oil can prevent a cardiovascular catastrophe. It does this by inhibiting platelets in our blood from sticking together. When platelets stick together, strokes and heart attack occur which are the leading causes of death and disability in the world today.

Blood clots seem to be an underlying cause of heart attacks and science has discovered that people who consume larger amounts of olive oil, such as those who adhere to the Mediterranean diet, have a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. Extra virgin olive oil can protect against oxidative stress that rages inside our bodies as inactivity and disease challenge us.

I cook with it and add it to many dishes I make.  Extra virgin olive oil is beneficial because it can offer protection against platelet formation that can have very damaging consequences health-wise.