OH MY!  Do not fall for the hype that you can successfully inject your face at home. Injecting hyaluronic acid at home might sound like a money saving idea but these black market products have no place in your medicine cabinet. Thankfully Amazon has prohibited these products but there are certainly other websites willing to sell you counterfeit products laced with unknown substances, some with silicone and other dangerous substances that once injected, cannot be removed unless they are surgically excised.

Unlicensed predators, using illegal, mostly imported products from outside the U.S. are keen to enroll you in their DIY scheme. Some of these products look identical to legitimate products – it’s not hard to rip off box and product designs then print them. (I know first hand how Luscious Lips products and display boxes were counterfeited!)

Using injectable interventions that plump and paralyze are best left to the docs trained in these procedures, but remember, injections are supposed to produce temporary results but if you fool with Mother Nature, she may rebel and leave you with results you never anticipated!