Does Your Face Look Square or Rectangular?

If your face looks square or rectangular, it’s because your muscles are not sculpted to reveal that “v” shaped chin we desire. The look of a square or rectangular face develops when the cheeks have lost their strength, their oomph. The heavy cheek muscles elongate, pooling onto other muscles and muscle groups creating the squarish or rectangular shaped face. This is a clear indication that the muscles that once supported your skin throughout your face have become lax. In order to maintain a youthful look, your face needs lifting and your skin craves nutrient-rich blood.

Think about it. If you are over the age of 35, no matter how meticulous your daily maintenance routine is with cleansers, toners, exfoliators and moisturizers, your face will continue to develop the squarish, rectangular, elongated look of … you know the word…old.

Old isn’t so much a number as it is a look.

If you’re mid-40’s, you probably have seen evidence of slightly sagging facial muscles because skin begins to droop usually in our 30’s. Droopiness can wreck your upper eyes. Eye makeup becomes impossible to wear – your lids need the action of exercise to stay supple, otherwise the crepiness you see now will only advance as time goes on.

Also, if you’re in your mid-30’s headed toward 40, you are likely seeing wrinkling around your eyes. In addition, the area between your nose and mouth is quickly losing its youthful shape as either a line or a fold is developing and that deters from your youthful visage.

The aging only gets worse if you do not proactively engage those muscles with isometric exercise.

Imagine your nose tip elongating so that when you smile, the tip begins to point downward toward your upper lip! Not a pretty sight! Or your thinning lips, no longer full and pouty, portray a less than beautiful smile and that wattle under your chin is about an inch thick!

For those who are in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond…you are in for such a delightful adventure because your face is going to look years younger in just weeks. You can and will lift your eyebrows, tighten the eyelids, lift your cheeks, firm your lower mouth, redefine your jaw, tighten the neck, stop the neck bands and crush the dreaded wattle.

For those of you in your late 20’s, early 30’s and late 40’s, you, too, can stop aging in its tracks. How?

Facial Magic facial exercise keeps your face youthful…it’s deeper than skincare and there’s nothing like it anywhere! True anti-aging without anything harmful or invasive. You’ve got to try it!