Does Your Face Radiate Beauty?

One of our clients who trains weekly has written me several emails raving about my face and skin. She sees me weekly in our training sessions and can hardly believe how tight my face is and how flawless my skin has become. My skin radiates beauty!

Yes, I am a walking advertisement for my products. I say there is an importance to keeping your face fit so that we always look and feel youthful. It’s hard to feel youthful if the image looking back at you is flawed. 

Tiredness in our faces is one aspect that adds to the look of old. Once you begin Facial Magic® facial exercise, you will be delighted to know that creating a flood of oxygenated blood to every portion of your face and neck begins to alleviate the look of tired. Eyes open, you feel better about yourself, shoulders lift and before you know it, your overall attitude shifts.

“When you look good, you feel good.” I believe that’s true!

In addition to exercise, superb skincare daily is paramount to your skin radiating beauty and health. Yes, washing your face before bedtime is a rule that starts the process of better looking skin.

The new Facial Magic skincare is a medical grade line of carefully chosen items designed to enhance your skin. Glycolic, stem cells, peptides and a host of botanical ingredients from the Facial Magic line are the only products I use. In the last 90 days, I have seen improvements in the texture and smoothness of my skin. I am delighted my customers see the changes, too.

The combination of Facial Magic facial exercise along with our new and improved Facial Magic skincare will assure you that your face radiates beauty. Make 2022 the year that you look and feel years younger. It all starts with you!