Hair, Hair, Long Beautiful Hair!

Hair, according to the Bible, is our crowning glory…but wait, does the verse say gray hair is your crowning glory? The actual verse says, “The hoary head is a crown of glory.”

Hoary as in gray hair is a crown of glory! Oh NOOOO! I am not ready for gray hair.

You may or may not know that my hair has grown quite long. I love it! Taking care of long hair is actually easy. Sure, you might use more shampoo and conditioner to tame those long locks but if you’re a fan of longer hair, the extra care is worth it.

Typically, I shampoo on Sunday morning and again on either Wednesday or Thursday. Of course, if I’ve been to a karate class or I’ve slaved over the weed eater I will shampoo more often. Mostly I let my long locks dry naturally and save the hair dryer and flat iron for Monday.

I’m always aware of the ingredients of these products because adding suspected carcinogens to our beauty routine is off-putting because over the years I’ve heard that women can add over 200+ harmful chemicals to their face and hair by the time they’re ready to walk out of the house for the day. Do this day in, day out? I believe this is a recipe for disaster.

What hair care ingredients are suspect?  Well, certainly the top three are the sulfates:   Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). Sulfates can be found in a number of top selling shampoos, cosmetics and skincare items so read your content labels before you buy.

What else? Parabens come to mind. Parabens are preservatives. Triclosan is another preservative. And then there is formaldehyde – oh my, seriously?

So the best bet for a healthy option is to find products that are organic and recommended for better long-term health. If you google “safe shampoos” you’ll find quite an array of suggested items.

Personally, I use Formula 18 products.

The best long hair remedy other than shampoo and conditioner is the Mulberry Silk Sleeping Bonnet. Wrapping your hair in silk changes everything. Rather than sleeping with a palm tree on your head, this luxurious bonnet keeps your hair tangle free and in one place.