How Did This Happen?

The discovery that your face is losing its natural beauty is quite a shock.

Seeing first only small, supposedly insignificant changes like sleep lines that do not quickly disappear after waking, or puffy under eyes and the increasing look of tiredness no matter how much sleep you did or didn’t have. Maybe you see that your eyebrows appear lower on your face or that your once open eyes look “squinty.” These subtle clues are your initial warnings that your facial muscles are no longer adequately supporting your skin.

How did this happen? Well, we knew this day was in our future when we watched our grandmothers and mothers faces age. We saw lines and wrinkles develop across their foreheads and around their eyes. The gradual softening of their facial features became apparent as time etched and deepened furrows around their mouths and cheeks year after year.

The very same look of age is happening to all of us. Facial muscles elongate and drag your skin down, creating lines and wrinkles, sags and bags.

The question is do you want to stop aging and wear a younger looking face?

Answering yes to this ambiguous question means you have a smorgasbord of choices to correct your aging face. Do you succumb to the lure of injections and surgical procedures that not only wreck your face long-term, robbing you of natural beauty or can you envision aging without costly and unreliable interventions that may create unintentional circumstances like infection, loss of feeling and sensation, necrosis and even death?

That’s why I chose facial exercise to stop the aging in my face! When I discovered my sagging eyelid (at first, I didn’t believe that a sagging muscle was causing my mascara to migrate), my first thought was plastic surgery!

The anticipated cost of plastic surgery scared me because I was recently divorced and had left the company my husband and I had built. My two boys had needs, too, and they came first. Sports equipment, shoes, jeans, school lunches, life…

In a casual telephone conversation, my friend, Taylor, told me about a woman from France who taught a specialized facial exercise program that gave the user the look of a facelift. Taylor, not one to easily impress, had seen the results of these exercises and was wowed. She encouraged me to jump on a plane, fly to Denver, meet Marcelle and get my eye lifted.

Well, I did, but not right away because I learned that another friend, Julie, had had an eye lift and I wanted to see her results, to learn of her eye lift adventure and surgical experience. What I saw scared me. Julie’s eyes didn’t look quite right. They no longer looked symmetrical but crooked and the bruises put me off. I really do not recall our very short conversation. Our paths never crossed again because I flew to Denver.

What a privilege to have learned the Facial Magic training. We are delighted to exclaim that this most remarkable program can help your face look better and better. All you have to do is be willing to follow along as we teach you step-by-step instruction to lift your face naturally.