How Do You “Hold” Your Face?

Recently I had the opportunity to observe faces of those who are mostly over the age of 40. These people were sitting quietly. What I observed was somewhat shocking:  how one “holds” their face when there is no talking – I saw mostly downturned mouths with slight folds and pouches developing. Is this from lack of smiling or sitting hours in front of a computer with no interaction with others?

Let me show you a photo of this very condition:

Bev photo Before facial magic face exercises developed by cynthia rowland

Downturned mouth corners can be the beginning of marionette lines. You can’t hide or disguise them and unfortunately, the disintegration of this area calls attention to our age.

At this writing, there is no topical cosmetic product that you can slather on to reverse this look although one of these days, a product could be developed that might prevent aging faces altogether. 

Routine facials and other topical treatments cannot substantially reverse facial aging because the major cause of facial aging is muscle atrophy. Oh sure, paralyzing and plumping injections can certainly alter the face but these injections do not stop aging.

When facial muscles begin to lose their strength and viability, your face begins to resemble the look of ‘old.’ Not only are our mouths affected by atrophy, we see our foreheads wrinkle, our cheeks become soft and droopy and that wattle under the chin is definitely sagging. Our once shapely faces are becoming unbecoming.

This is Bev, a faithful Facial Magic® user. Bev sent me a message recently that said: “I am so excited, the ladies here at a very upscale restaurant said I looked about 45 so at 65 that’s not bad!” This was very exciting news for Bev and for me because it wasn’t that long ago that Bev sent me a passionate email declaring she would not leave her bedroom in the mornings until she had completed her Facial Magic exercises. Talk about determination. She put forth the effort and her face responded beautifully to the exercise routine.

Now Bev does not know that I’m writing about her until she reads this. I want you to see what she looked like when she came out of her bedroom after about 9 weeks of Facial Magic. Go here: