How to Create a Slimmer Face

  1. Your Diet – Eat less empty calories…eat less sugary calories. Wine, sweets, breads, pasta and rice can cause inflammation and that inflammation may produce swelling of your facial features. Think about this:  one apple fritter has over 500 calories, one cup of butter pecan ice cream has about 300 calories, one apple has less than 100 calories with no fat. I don’t know about you but when I eat a calorie ladened item, it makes me feel fat and I do not like that feeling.
  1. Sleep more hours. When my friend bought a new mattress he began to lose weight! Was he using intermittent fasting? Not consciously. Had he changed his diet substantially? NO! He just enjoyed sleeping more hours. More sleep, less eating! Sleep is so beneficial for our good health. Our faces will look less tense when we sleep well. Your body repairs itself while you sleep so if you can, get more sleep than you typically allow.
  1. Facial Magic® (link to here: will slim those chubby cheeks and lift the dreaded wattle. Exercising your face with isometric and contraction movements will definitely sculpt and define your facial features. Many of our users says they wish they had begun their Facial Magic workouts in their 30’s and 40’s rather than waiting because the damage to their faces requires dedicated intervention. Skin becomes lax, lined and dry when there is no exercise enhancing blood flowing to the muscles and tissue.
  1. Learn makeup contouring tricks using light and dark foundations and powders. The Kardashians perfected these techniques of makeup refinement and so can you. Every portion of the face can be enhanced and you can learn these style tips and tricks with an online tutorial. Don’t be bashful! The holiday parties and get-togethers can be the best time to debut a look you’ve practiced and aced.