I feel frustrated with my older looking face

I usually do not post query letters but this one touched my heart and I wanted to share it with you:

“Hi Cynthia,

I am 37 years old and feel great physically/emotionally/spiritually, eat well and take good care of my body…still, I feel frustrated with my older looking face…forehead wrinkles, a deep line between the eyes from furrowing my brow/crying, and oddly enough (even though I am thin, have a nice long neck, and no fat/double chin), I am noticing I am getting two small vertical lines directly under my chin (that is really affecting my confidence). 

Do your exercises target the areas I am concerned about? Thanks for your help and expertise!”

So many women look in the mirror and see the very same conditions developing in their faces even though they eat right and do everything positive to take care of their bodies. I want to assure this writer and those who read her words that Facial Magic will definitely help the user to alleviate forehead lines both vertical and horizontal, lift the brows, tighten the upper eyes as well as lift and tone the upper face, lower face, the neck including the wattle.

It is my desire to help every woman save their faces without anything harmful or dangerous.