Is Your Nose Drooping?

It’s a fact…your facial features change and elongate as you age. Have you seen this condition? 

Your cheeks are drooping, jowls and pouches have developed alongside your mouth, your skin feels mushy and soft, and now, a recent photo reveals a very eye-opening feature that makes you want to scream!  Your smile, while vibrant and beautiful, bares the awful truth – your nose tip is dipping dangerously close to your upper lip when you smile!

Perhaps you’ve noticed a tell-tale sign that your forehead isn’t quite what it used to be. There are horizontal lines and even diagonal ones beginning to slightly appear. The elevens between the brows are becoming more apparent but a most bothersome aspect of an aging forehead is that small line etching into the bridge of your nose.

You may not realize that this aging indicator means your nose is going to droop!

Consider these photos from a 48 year old woman:

Her nose is elongating and the tip of her nose is turning downward in the photo on the left. Of course, you can see that her head posture, cheeks and the underside of her chin are beginning to show age as well.

The photo on the right demonstrates that nose tips as well as loose skin under the chin can be corrected, cheeks lifted and posture is improved. Her eyebrows have lifted as well.

These photos are exactly 9 weeks apart.

The process used to enhance the aging face?  Facial Magic® facial exercise. From matronly to youthful without surgery, drugs, recuperative time or invasive poisons, faces change with Facial Magic.

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