With the current COVID-19 pandemic making its way around the world, people are self-isolating to protect themselves and others. One Tampa-based artist, Jackie Silver, is doing her part by staying inside to help the effort to slow the spread of the virus.

In thinking about a way to help during the pandemic while isolating at home, Silver has spent many hours painting what she calls a “Covidism” series in acrylic to encourage people to wash their hands frequently, stay safe, practice social distancing and unite against this unseen enemy.

Many people who know her are not even aware that she is an artist – she started painting with oils at age 11, but gave up painting for decades to work in the communications field, raise a son and run her own beauty company.

Silver started doing pet paintings using acrylics about two years ago when her son asked her to paint his dog Charlie with his favorite red ball. Now, she gets commissions to create adorable paintings of pets from around the world.

Sort of like Barbie, Silver has had many careers, including FM radio DJ, advertising copywriter, public relations executive, creator of the radio segment, CyberBabe with What’s Hot on the Net (1995!), voice over artisttelevision correspondenton-air guest for shopping TV, beauty expert, author, entrepreneur and, now, professional artist.

You can contact Jackie Silver at: JackiePetArtist@gmail dot com