Did you know that I smoked cigarettes for many years? One of my main concerns of participating in this dirty, filthy habit was the effect it would have on my skin later in life. Thankfully, Facial Magic has saved me from the withered lip lines and wrinkles of a cigarette smoker. Was it easy to quit? Yes, but that’s another story.

Lines above the lips can be a result of a hormone imbalance, loss of collagen production, sun damage, repetitive movement and loss of elasticity around the mouth The skin is thin and that means this area of your face requires special treatment. Yes, you can resort to laser treatments, chemical peels and injected fillers but typically those treatments are expensive and unfortunately the appearance of the lines and wrinkles will likely return as repetitive motions such as pursing your lips, kissing, brushing your teeth or drinking from a straw reestablish those lines.

Here’s what I suggest for an at-home treatment:  Exfoliate daily with Cell Renewal Oil Free Glycolic (this product is a leave-on product) – start with a 5% solution. Use the SkinRehab Dermaroller faithfully once a month and use Retinol nightly…slather it over the affected area. Keep EGF handy and use it daily over the Oil Free Glycolic product or on clean skin. Drink water.

The best advice is to become aware of your facial posture. Smile often! And keep in mind that these lines have been developing for years so you’ll want to stay aggressive.