Oh dear, the more I read about meatless burgers, I think I’ll stick with peanut butter – organic, of course! 

For quite some time, we purchased Morningstar “burgers.” They were delicious and oh so easy to prepare. I don’t remember why I stopped eating them. The ingredients never concerned me and I never considered the consequences of eating synthetic foods. Now I’m more sophisticated regarding food ingredients and the effect it has on our bodies. More than ever I much prefer veggies to meat.

The look alike, smell alike, taste alike faux vegan burger that “bleeds”, The Impossible Burger, sold at Red Robin, White Castle, Hard Rock Café and many other venues that tout a meatless burger, may not be a healthy alternative at all due to a very high glyphosate content. That’s right, the evidence presented shows that this genetically engineered meatless burger is made from GMO soy. Think liver damage, endocrine challenges, premature aging and cancer.

According to Sayer Ji, from Greenmedinfo.com, “The part of the genetically modified soy used in the Impossible Burger has never before been allowed in the human food supply and has not been properly safety tested.” Glyphosate does not wash, dry, or cook off and was listed on the Prop 65 California EPA list of carcinogens in 2017. That news is pretty disturbing.