Need Convincing that Facial Magic® Exercise Will Work For You?

False promises. Popular myths. We are so hopeful that one of these days there will be a skincare product that will definitively create youthful faces for those in need of rejuvenation.

The type of rejuvenation that stops lines and wrinkles while lifting, firming, toning and tightening sagging facial features. The sagging muscles and skin that create jowls, pouches, hooded eyelids, double chins and more cry for newness. An intervention is warranted.

We buy scads of topical products. From cleansers, toners and moisturizers to devices such as lights, wands and scary looking plastic masks, we buy and buy and buy. Does this mean topical products are a waste of money? Well, perhaps…

Faces benefit from certain proven topical superior grade products like glycolic, lactic acid, retinol, peptides and Vitamin C Serum but tell me which products will lift and sculpt a droopy face? Can you rid your face of a double chin or the dreaded wattle using only skincare products? The answer is of course not!

Apart from facial plastic surgery, injections that plump and paralyze, or laser – tell me what will stop the visible aging caused by atrophied facial muscles?

Consider this…what can you reliably do to stop facial aging? There’s only one solution and it doesn’t come from a scalpel or a needle. And it doesn’t come from a bottle because there are no magic elixirs.

The real magic of a rejuvenated face that looks 5, 10, even 15 years younger year-after-year is the result of Facial Magic facial exercise.

Yes, keeping your facial skin in tip-top condition with proven products is ideal. When you add Facial Magic to your beauty routine, everything about your face will look better and better.

Using these specialized exercises just minutes a day can certainly improve the overall condition of your skin as essential, nutrient rich, oxygenated blood is brought to your entire face and neck. Your skin and facial features will begin to enjoy real changes. Skin becomes more resilient. Hidden muscles strengthen, tighten and shorten. This action lifts the skin to a more youthful position.

Whether you’re 30 or 80, you can maintain your beauty and certainly reclaim the face you thought you’d lost forever! All it takes are your thumbs and fingers with a little magic…Facial Magic! 

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