No Matter Your Age…

Staying beautiful no matter what my age is one of my personal goals. My body, my temple is more than just physical beauty. It’s my connection to Source.

Beautiful, to me, is an attitude of kindness and love. Sometimes we fall short of that high ideal as we yell at that driver who cut in front of our car without notice. Or, we snap at those we cherish.

Guiding us, our beauty barometer resets itself and again we are given the opportunity to share peace and love with everyone we meet.

I caught a reflection of myself and the image I saw sort of scared me. Yes, I was having a mild crisis here and things weren’t exactly going as they could but in an instant, I could see less beauty and more anger in my face. Not a pretty sight.

Centering my thoughts on the one power and presence in the Universe and in my life, conscience breathing and the desire for my face to always radiate love, I could feel my facial muscles relax.

Affirmations have long been attractive to me. I liberally repeat phrases that resonate with me:  I Am Healthy, I AM Happy and I AM Prosperous!  I see abundance everywhere! Divine Order is everywhere present. I love and accept myself.

Standing in front of your mirror, repeating phrases like the ones above can begin to train your mind for more positive outcomes. Radiating love via the mirror allows you to observe your facial features. Are you smiling?

There will always be those who leave their memory indelibly etched in our minds. I especially hold dear several women who have all passed away at the age of 95. They were remarkable, strong women that faced adversity, hardship, disappointment and more.

Their faces remained youthful to the end! Oh sure, their hair was silver, their bluish veins and age spots were in evidence throughout their hands and arms but their beautiful faces are what I remember. That’s why staying beautiful is one of my personal goals.